The Truth About Using Insurance for Wealth Accumulation

When I started out my career as a financial adviser with an insurance company many years ago, I was taught that insurance products are a good instrument for accumulating one’s wealth. Not only do they generate returns that are higher than bank interest rates and offer protection against death and disability, but they are also a systematic and organised […]

Is Premium Financing Right for Your Insurance Needs?

3 years ago, my friend contacted me to seek my advice as she and her husband each bought a leveraged whole-life endowment plan from the bank. This friend of mine is risk-averse and has always been saving her money through bank fixed deposits. It was the first time she was exposed to a leveraged endowment […]

Is Putting Money in a Short-Term Endowment Plan a Smart Move?

In recent months, there have been a couple of inquiries coming from our prospective clients and clients who are interested to explore parking their money into a short-term endowment plan. One of the key reasons is that the yield is attractive, and the time of commitment is short (probably a 2 to 3 years period). […]