At Havend, we are transparent about potential conflicts of interest and relentlessly mitigate them. Our commitment is to provide tailored insurance solutions, ensuring your family’s coverage is precisely what you need.

the birth of havend

Havend was born out of a distinct vision to redefine insurance advisory. 

We share our roots with Providend, where we’ve excelled as trusted advisers in wealth management and retirement planning for two decades. It became evident that clients who cherished our independent insights were seeking the same clarity and honesty in the world of insurance.

Thus, Havend was established as a specialised insurance advisory, operating independently from Providend while sharing the tenets of trust and transparency. Havend’s distinct mission is to serve those who desire a dedicated, long-term partnership for professional insurance advice where clients’ needs are placed at the forefront.

A Safe Haven Now & Beyond 

True Protection, Transparent Practices


Our Advisory Leadership Team

Meet our team of insurance experts, each with multitude of experience, committed to safeguarding your interests and providing you the best advisory experience.

Eddy Cheong

Chief Executive Officer

Mike Zhang

Diploma in Life Insurance
Lead, Insurance Specialist

David Law

Insurance Specialist

Ma Jiamin

Senior Insurance Operations Executive

Our Brand Story

Journeying from vision to your trusted insurance advisory.

No obligations, just honest advice, we promise.

We are Ready to Assist

If you seek an honest assessment of your insurance coverage or have inquiries about your protection plan, reach out to us today.