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Commission is the biggest source of conflict of interest in insurance sales.

It’s important for you to know that it is a known fact that with commissions, there is always a temptation to recommend products that might not be in the best interest of clients in order to earn higher commissions.

At Havend, even though all our advisers receive fixed salaries, a conflict of interest still persists since we receive commissions as a firm. 

Here’s why:

  • Havend can structure advisers’ total rewards based on commission earnings.
  • Havend can influence our advisers to recommend products that pay higher commissions.
  • Havend can influence our advisers to recommend products that prioritise commissions over suitability
  • Our advisers can be tempted by the incentives offered by our insurers
  • Our advisers can be tempted to chase after industry sales titles such as MDRT, COT and TOT

Mitigating conflict so we can do the right thing for you, forever.

Our relentless efforts to mitigate all conflict of interest

While our Insurance Specialists are salary-based, their variable compensation is based on the number of lives they advise, and not by the commissions they bring in. This allows them to focus on providing the right advice, without the temptation to oversell.

We do not promote any sales titles for our Insurance Specialists. Any sales incentives earned will be retained by the company at its sole discretion and are not directly given to our Insurance Specialists to prevent product bias.

We are open to sharing the amount of commissions we receive for the products we recommend to you because you deserve a clear understanding of our remuneration structure before making any decisions.

We publicly make known why we consider certain insurance products suitable or unsuitable based on sound principles, and not on the amount of commissions we might receive. You can find our insurance philosophy available here, and rest assured that only suitable products will be recommended.

We adopt an institutionalised approach to ensure every piece of advice given is consistent to Havend’s insurance philosophy, and not dependent on our Insurance Specialist’s own preference. 


No compromises. Or your money back.

Our Money Back Guarantee (MBG) scheme embodies Havend’s values to put our clients’ interest first, and we are so confident in our process that we are willing to put our money where our mouth is.

Hence, when you choose Havend, you can expect a secure, dependable insurance advisory experience, and trust that you won’t be oversold.

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